Good ideas can come from anywhere. Smart people work in big and small companies.

To that end, the Accounting Blockchain Coalition (ABC) established two new membership levels to tap into the brains and ideas percolating among Independent Practitioners and small Startups.  These new membership options provide ways for smaller companies with smart people to join and contribute to the ABC while learning more about the intersection of blockchain and accounting.

The new membership levels help forward the ABC’s mission to lead the effort to create a forum for ideas, innovations, education, and best practices about blockchains in the accounting profession.  ABC is open to any company or educational institution that needs a reference, develops products, provides services to customers, or provides expertise to the accounting industry. This could include accounting, legal and tax firms, technology companies and institutions of higher learning.  The five ABC membership levels are:

  • Charter
  • Promoter
  • Startup
  • Academic
  • Independent Practitioner

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The Independent Practitioner and Startup costs and membership criteria:

Independent Practitioner $750/year Membership
Less than five people at firm
No major firm affiliation
Service-oriented professionals

Startup $1,500/year Membership
Technology, tool and service providers with under 20 employees


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