Amy Kalnoki is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bitwave. Bitwave provides a complete back-office solution for businesses using crypto, directly integrating from the blockchain into the accounting system. Bitwave provides tax tracking capabilities; crypto invoicing and bill pay; and a multi-user, multi-sig wallet for compliance and governance-enabled holding of digital assets at your company. Bitwave was a sponsor of the June ABC Conference in New York.

What made your organization decide to join the ABC?
We have been building a software solution for the challenges that accountants, bookkeepers, and operations folks face when they start working with crypto and we wanted to connect with the leaders and experts in the space. Building relationships with the ABC community has been invaluable as we continue to add new features that accountants working the blockchain/crypto space need. I’m looking forward to partnering with the ABC members — we are excited to be part of the community!

This was your first ABC Conference — what were your impressions?
The meeting was very informative. It’s amazing to see the strides our industry has made just in the last few years. All the panelists were great, and there was a lot of depth in the discussions.

How is Bitwave helping to advance the use of blockchain in the accounting industry?
The idea for Bitwave came to the two founders while working at a large enterprise software company. They asked themselves: “what it would take for a publicly traded, Fortune 100 enterprise to use a digital asset?” They knew it would be very complex and difficult to create a solution, but they set forth to do it. With lots of different departments involved. Bitwave was built to literally be a drop-in solution for this problem — a single product you could install that handled all the accounting, tax, governance, and compliance issues associated with crypto. We think this powerful, easy-to-use software solution is exactly what is needed to really bring blockchain and digital assets into large enterprises, and businesses in general.