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Charter Member

  • Eligible to nominate company reps for Board of Director seats​
  • Company listed prominently on ABC website and promotional materials, including press releases​
  • Able to present at Monthly Conference Calls and Meet Ups​
  • Able to chair or co-chair Working Groups (primary selection)​
  • Guaranteed participation in all Working Groups​
  • No fee to attend ABC member only events (for a defined number of participants)​

Promoter Member​

  • Able to chair or co-chair Working Groups (secondary selection)​
  • Able to be a participant in all Working Groups (subject to participation criteria)​
  • May participate in the Monthly Conference Calls and Meet Ups; able to present if asked by the Board​
  • May attend ABC member only events (at a discount)​

Associate Member​

  • Able to be a participant in all Working Groups (subject to participation criteria)​
  • May participate in the Monthly Conference Calls and Meet Ups​
  • May attend ABC member only events​

Academic and non-profit organizations, if admitted into the ABC, shall pay 10% of the stated dues amounts.

Participation Agreement
Accounting Blockchain Coalition, Inc. (“Corporation”)

Please complete and submit one executed (signed) counterparts of this application. Prior to completing the agreement, please review the Accounting Blockchain Coalition’s By-laws, here.

Membership Term: Participation is for one calendar year. All rights & privileges will begin upon receipt of payment in full of the required participation fees.

Personal data (that is, information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person) submitted in connection with this application is governed by the ABC Privacy Policy. It is in the nature of contact information, to be used by ABC in connection with this application and resulting membership, the submitting company’s membership status, and communications that relate to the membership level and/or category listed on the application. As described in the Privacy Policy, a party wishing to exercise rights with respect to such Personal Data under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) should contact


Organization Applicant Information

Contact Information

Alternate Business Contact

Participation Class Information

Organization Industry

Working Groups

Payment Information

Billing Contact
In consideration of the admission of Applicant to the Corporation, Applicant hereby agrees as follows:

By submitting this Participation Agreement, Applicant hereby applies for membership to the Corporation
on and subject to the terms hereof, as well as the terms and conditions stated in the Corporation’s
Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws and any guidelines and policies as may be in effect from time to time
(“Corporate Documents”) of the Corporation and agrees to be bound by the same. Copies of the
Corporate Documents are available for review at the Corporation’s website. Applicant is encouraged to
review these materials prior to the execution of this Agreement.

The term of participation shall be on a year-to-year basis. Applicant agrees to pay when due all fees that
are applicable, including the annual membership fee for its class of membership. The Corporation will
invoice the then current annual dues to members ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the pending
term and member’s payment thereof shall constitute a renewal of participation as a Participant under the
terms of this Membership Agreement. Failure to make a timely renewal payment shall be cause for
suspension and termination of this Agreement and all Participant benefits.

The undersigned agrees that once accepted, all participation fees are nonrefundable for any reason,
including termination of this Agreement. There is no duty to renew this Participation Agreement and
renewal may only be accomplished as set forth above.

Any claim or dispute arising under or relating to this Participation Agreement shall be governed by the
internal substantive laws of the State of Delaware, without regard to principles of conflict of laws.