The ABC Board of Directors

ABC is led by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from Industry leaders in the accounting, law, tax, technology and higher education. The Coalition is dedicated to educating businesses and organizations on accounting matters relevant to digital assets and distributed ledger technology, including blockchain.

Chen Fang

Chief Product Officer, BitGo

Chen is BitGo’s Chief Product Officer, where he is responsible for all facets of the company’s product development and strategic vision. He has over a decade of diversified experience in fintech and the traditional technology sector, managing teams at Lumina, Zenefits, and Microsoft. In 2018, Chen co-founded Lumina, an institutional-grade portfolio management suite for digital assets. Lumina was acquired by BitGo in early 2020. In 2015, Chen led the team that built Zenefits Payroll, a full-service payroll provider. The enterprise-grade system automated calculations, payments, and filings of taxes across the 10,000+ U.S. tax jurisdictions. Chen’s fascination with digital assets stems back to 2011, when he converted his living room into a makeshift Bitcoin mining facility. After many years of learning and experimenting with blockchain technology, Chen identified key infrastructure and tooling needs to accelerate the mass adoption of this new asset class. Chen graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in Economics and Computer Science.