The ABC Board of Directors

ABC is led by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from Industry leaders in the accounting, law, tax, technology and higher education. The Coalition is dedicated to educating businesses and organizations on accounting matters relevant to digital assets and distributed ledger technology, including blockchain.

Alon Muroch

Alon is an Israeli entrepreneur, that has been developing code from an early age. He began working for many different startups over the past decade, taking many different roles. In 2014, he read the Satoshi white-paper which inspired him to explore and get deeply involved in the world of blockchain and crypto technology. He was a code contributor to Ethereum, developed his own Bitcoin multi-sig P2P wallet, and later on co-founded 2017, where he serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Alon continues to be passionate about the ways decentralized finance is transforming and opening up the traditional financial industry in a way never before imagined.