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The changes and challenges in the world of crypto accounting are coming fast and furious.

Are you keeping up with the opportunities?

In less than 60 minutes on Thursday, September 12 from 12-1 PM ET the Crypto Accounting – The Good . . . The Bad . . . and The Cost Basis Webinar will bring you up-to-date on the key issues – and provide some answers — in crypto accounting.

The webinar is geared for crypto accounting industry professionals and will explore along with the challenges of cost basis the technology, taxation and legal issues and opportunities in crypto accounting.

Webinar topics include:

  • Crypto accounting challenges and opportunities (cost basis, technology, legal)
  • Tax authorities and legal ramifications
  • Facebook’s Libra / Walmart coin; future impact on crypto
  • The general crypto accounting industry at large


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Distinguished Webinar Presenters From Technology And Accounting

Alon Muroch, CEO and Co-founder, Blox

Alon Muroch is an Israeli entrepreneur, that has been developing code from an early age. He began working for many different startups over the past decade, taking many different roles. In 2014, he read the Satoshi white-paper which inspired him to explore and get deeply involved in the world of blockchain and crypto technology. He was a code contributor to Ethereum, developed his own Bitcoin multi-sig P2P wallet, and later on co-founded in 2017, where he serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Alon continues to be passionate about the ways decentralized finance is transforming and opening up the traditional financial industry in a way never before imagined.


Steven Baum – CPA, Principal, Friedman LLP

Steven Baum is a Principal at Friedman LLP with extensive knowledge in a range of industries including digital currency, emerging technology, software, telecommunication, consumer products and life sciences.  He is also an active leader in the firm’s Public and Private Company Assurance group, specializing in the digital currency and technology practices.  He is key engagement team member when assisting businesses with transactional engagements, including IPO, reverse mergers, Private Placement Offerings, business acquisitions, mergers and other equity or capital raises.


Dmitri Alexeev, Partner in BPM’s Corporate Tax Practice

Dmitri is a Partner in BPM’s Corporate Tax Practice and co-leads the blockchain and digital assets group. He has over 20 years of public accounting experience with regional and national accounting firms. He’s worked with many public and private companies, including closely held businesses and startup companies, ranging in size from $1 million to over $100 billion in assets. He has extensive experience serving clients in financial services and technology industries.

Dmitri has extensive tax advisory and compliance experience with emphasis on financial and regulatory reporting, including business taxation, accounting methods and elections and state taxation. He also has broad experience in ASC 740, income taxes, and significant experience with federal and California tax controversy.


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Register For The Crypto Accounting – The Good, The Bad and The Cost Basis Webinar